Junyue Hua

Wake up

A Mobile Adventure Game

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game design, graphic deisgn

Wake Up is a 3rd person tap-and-drag puzzle graphic adventure game developed by a team of creative artists in 2012. The target audience of this game are teenagers, puzzle adventure and casual mobile game lovers. It is designed on platform of iOS and presents as much graphic enjoyment as possible on iPads.


Once upon time, there was a young king who lived in a big castle. He was rich, handsome and powerful.

Outside somewhere, Luna the witch watched him through her crystal ball every day and night. She was so in love with him.

One day, Luna heard that there would be a big ball held in the castle. She decided to meet her king Charming and tell him her love.

There she spoke her heart out in front of all the people, but the answer was a plain “NO”. The King broke her heart into millions of pieces, and then she turned evil. She cursed the king to fall asleep, in a castle of her proud design, and never wake up...

level design

There are four levels in the game and each level has its own theme. Different types of game-play will be employed into different levels. More time is expected to be spent on higher levels due to the difficulty of the puzzles. For the current version, only European level was developed.

concept arts

characters design

environment arts

basic gameplay


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Wake Up


A 3rd person tap-and-drag puzzle graphic adventure game, developed by a team of creative artists.