Junyue Hua


A real battery saver that simply helps users to shut down all the background apps, which saves phone's power dramatically.



project type

mobile app




Lead designer, prototype development

I was the lead designer who was responsible for the end-to-end user experience.


Battery drain was a big problem for android users. The root cause was background apps.

There were many task killer apps in the market, in order to have the best performance, a Rooted Android phone was required. However the concept of Root was daunting to unprofessional users.

So we decided to create a Root free yet efficient task killer app for all range of android users.

Animation & metaphor

The process of shutting background apps could be tedious since it might take a while if there's a plenty of apps.

Making good use of animation can alleviate user's perception of elapsed time.

The process of shutting apps

In order to make sure users understand apps are being closed, we borrowed the visual cue of turning off TV.

progressive disclosure

Landing page

The landing page is divided into two parts.

First part gives users a sense of the phone is being scanned. I designed a rolling up animation for numbers. During the scanning process, the CTA is greyed out, so users wouldn’t get distracted at this moment.

Once the scanning is done, the CTA lights up and numbers turn orange. Color-coding numbers and buttons allows users to link them up subconsciously.
From now user’s attention get drawn back to the CTA because of the pulsing glow around the button which encourages users to take action.


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