Junyue Hua

samsung in-store app

An in-store app that aims to facilitate the process of searching and purchasing gadgets in Samsung experience store.



project type

tablet app




UX design, prototype development


I worked on this project when I interned at Barbarian Group.

Samsung wanted to enhance the in-store shopping experience through an app that helps customers find gadgets for their mobile phones easier and faster.

This app runs on the Galaxy View which is an 18.4-inch tablet.

Samsung Galaxy View

the challenge

The challenge is how to design a good experience for large screen in public space. Unlike other large screens such as TVs and computers, there is no cursor in this case. People'd stand close to the tablet and use hands to interact with it. Therefore, users might miss information due to blind spots caused by the short distance.


Before diving into details, I came up with some principles in order to avoid users overlooking important information.

1. Increase contrast for important information.
2. Keep key information at the center of the visual hot zone.
3. Utilize animation to manage users' attention.

I then started exploring the ideal experience. I stretched out elements horizontally, which leverges the screen size.


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