Junyue Hua

little hoodies

An interactive game project that delivers intuitive and original game experience to players.

project type

game, physical object




game design, graphic deisgn, physical computing

Little Hoodies is an original game project that delivers immersive experience by connecting the real world with the digital pixels.


The goal was to explore the boundries between physical objects and digital media. My teammate and I wanted to create an immersive game experience by embracing intuitive input.

We decided to use simple cubes as gamepads which consist of three sensors and two types of feedback. Arduino empowers these pieces to talk to the digital game coded in Processing.

Input & output
Sensors housing


Story board

game mechanisms

Two main interactions are motion and sound.

This is a two player game, players have to collaborate to win the game. When controlling the hot air balloon, one player can only move the balloon either left or right at a time, so two palyers have to team up.

graphic design


physical object design

We used paper protoypes to test out how to squeeze everything in a tiny cube. After figuring out the layout, we wanted to create a wooden version. We took a stab at using Tenon and Mortise Joint, a traditional Chinese architectural structure, as the backbone of controllers. Unfortunately, it didn't work out.

Paper prototypes & wooden prototypes

After a few tries, we came up with a new structure that was sturdy and easy to be opened up since we might need to reopen controllers for debugging. Specifically, the cube is grouped into two parts, each part is equipped with magnets that can put two together cohesively.

Final version


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little hoodies


An interactive game project that delivers intuitive and original game experience to players.

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